A message from Between the Veils’ Staff and Board of Directors:

In this season of midwinter, with holidays and the new year on the horizon, we reflect on our many blessings and consider how we might bring light and blessings to others. We at Between the Veils are feeling very grateful for the love and support of our community, and are so excited to share our energy and space with you all at the Conference in February.

We are also taking stock of larger goals of this organization- such as providing free online educational resources to pagans everywhere. Paganism and Wicca are the fastest growing religions in the U.S., and we recognize how important it is that those who are beginning their path are provided alternatives to potentially dangerous misinformation and communities.

Projects like producing free educational content or holding a major conference require financial stability, and Between the Veils is still establishing itself in this area. As a small nonprofit organization, born during COVID and dedicated to values like fair pay for our presenters, benefits and respect for our volunteers, financial accessibility for those with marginalized identities, and more- we ask for the benevolence of our community to help make these projects possible.

In the generous spirit of the season, please consider making a donation or sponsorship to Between the Veils. Your gift is tax-deductible and will benefit all of us as we learn, grow, and gather together.

We thank you for your kind attention, and for your contributions to this community- in whatever form they may take.

Yours sincerely,

Between the Veils

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